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17 October 2013

Contact: Fiona P. McDonald
E-mail: ethnographicterminalia@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ethnographicterminalia.org


Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration
Exhibition & Opening Reception 

Ethnographic Terminalia is a curatorial collective that hosts an annual exhibition of international artists and researchers working at the intersection of art and anthropology. In November 2013, the Ethnographic Terminalia Curatorial Collective welcomes visitors to their fifth exhibition, Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration. This year’s show is organized in with generous support from the Arts Incubator in Washington Park (Chicago) and is scheduled to coincide with the 112th Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) 18-22 November 2013 taking place in Chicago.

Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration is an innovative exhibition that brings anthropologists, artists, and various publics together in the gallery space to investigate the borders and blurringsofcontemporaryartpracticeandalternativemodesofculturalinquiryandrepresentation. Through this exhibition, Ethnographic Terminalia explores what it means to exhibit anthropology – particularly in some of its less traditional forms – in proximity to and in conversation with contemporary art practices.

Now in its fifth year (following San Francisco-2012, Montréal-2011, New Orleans-2010, and Philadelphia- 2009), Ethnographic Terminalia represents an international array of creative material, conceptual, and new media engagements within an experimental curatorial framework where anthropology and art intersect. For Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration the curators have invited six collaborative teams of artists and anthropologists to share with the public their distinct projects and collaborative exchanges. Participants this year include: Charlotte Bik Bandlien and HAiK with us! [Norway], Zoe Bray [USA], The EBANO Collective [Portugal], Ian Kirkpatrick [UK], Andrea Walsh, Trudi Lynn Smith, Sylvia Olsen in collaboration with Coast Salish Knitters Adam Olsen and Joni Olsen [Canada], Robert Willim [Sweden].

The 2013 Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration in Chicago engages directly with the energy of contemporary collaborative engagements between artists, anthropologists, and new publics. This exhibition offers a passing opportunity for visitors to observe or to participate in the activities of the gallery. The Arts Incubator in Washington Park will be a site for socializing, loitering, and for experiencing art production, circulation, and consumption.


Arts Incubator in Washington Park
301 E. Garfield Blvd. | Chicago, IL | 60637
Level 2: Project Flex Space

Gallery Hours 18-22 November 2013:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday | 12pm-3pm Friday | 12-6pm

Reception: Friday 22 November 2013 6-9pm
Location: Arts Incubator in Washington Park, Second Floor Project Flex Space
Short Description: Come out to meet with artists, anthropologists, and local community members to experience the work produced during “Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration”. Video screenings, paintings, First Nations knitting, a shrine, fashion & textile design, as well as a site-specific sculptural habitat will all be on display. Participating artists and anthropologists will be present to talk with about their work.
Sponsored by: University College London (Department of Anthropology)

Cost: Entry is free

In addition to the main exhibition and Reception other events sponsored by Ethnographic Terminalia include. More details available at: http://www.ethnographicterminalia.org

The Ethnographic Process of Portrait-Painting with Zoe Bray
Date: Monday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, and Friday 21st November 2013
Time: 12-3pm
Short Description: Every 20mins, the artist will break from painting a model to talk with visitors about her unique ethnographic process.

Habitat With Ian Kirkpatrick
Date: Monday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, and Friday 21st November 2013
Time: 12-3pm
Short Description: Visit the Arts Incubator during public gallery hours to observe and talk with artist Ian Kirkpatrick as he works within his sculptural structure (a decorated container), a critical reflection on the nature of museum objects and artefacts.

Shrines of Citizenship
The EBANO Collective
Date: Monday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, and Friday 21st November 2013
Time: 12-3pm
Short Description: Come by during the Arts Incubator Public gallery hours to experience The EBANO Collective’s interactive work—a shrine about citizenship where one must travel through obstacles (real and imagined) in order to light a symbolic candle.

Coast Salish Cowichan Knitting
Sylvia Olsen, Adam Olsen, Joni Olsen, Andrea Walsh, & Trudi Smith
Date: Wednesday 20th November 2013 Time: 12:30-1:30pm
Short Description: A public talk and demonstration with Coast Salish Cowichan Knitters from Canada.

Visualizing Place through Art and Anthropology
Robert Willim (anthropologist) | Jesse Colin Jackson (artist), Tori Foster (artist), Lindsay A Bell (anthropologist)
Date: Thursday 21st November 2013
Time: 2-3pm
Short Description: Join in with artists and anthropologists as they share through an open discussion and interactive engagement how they experiment with visualizing communities through film and digital media.

Program: Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration Roundtable
Date: Friday 22 November 2013
Time: 4-5:30pm
Short Description: To wrap up “Exhibition as Residency” this roundtable discussion will allow the residents and the public to reflect on the residency and the works produced at the intersection of art and anthropology in the gallery space.


Principle Curator:
Fiona McDonald, University College London (London, England)

Craig Campbell, University of Texas at Austin (Austin, USA)
Kate Hennessy, School of Interactive Arts + Technology, SFU (Vancouver, Canada) Trudi Lynn Smith, York University (Toronto, Canada)
Stephanie Takaragawa, Chapman University (Orange, USA)

Sponsors and Supporters

Arts + Public Life, University of Chicago
Society for Visual Anthropology
University College London (Department of Anthropology)
American Anthropological Association (The Community Engagement Fund)
University of Texas, Austin (Department of Anthropology)
Chapman University
School of Interactive Arts +Technology (SFU)

Participants Supported by

OCA—Office for Contemporary Art Norway o Ontario College of Art and Design
University of Toronto
University of California, Irvine
Lunds University
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Centre for Information Visualization and Data Driven Design established by the Ontario Research Fund
EBANO Collective
University of Nevada, Reno (Center for Basque Studies | College of Liberal Arts)
First Peoples’ Heritage, Language & Culture Council

Print Materials: The Ethnographic Terminalia gallery guide will be available at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park and also http://www.ethnographicterminalia.org during the exhibition.

Images: Images of the projects can be seen on the artists’ pages at http://www.ethnographicterminalia.org/chicago. For copyright information and permissions contact: ethnographicterminalia@gmail.com.

*If reproducing the image at the top and bottom of this Press Release, please acknowledge it as “an original work designed for Ethnographic Terminalia by artist Ian Kirkpatrick (2013).”


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