Trish Scott

That Holiday (2009)

Video: 9 “07”, 4:3: PAL, Colour

Trish Scott, "That Holiday"

That Holiday explores the cultural narratives underpinning the ritual of looking at holiday snaps. Three different British couples improvise as the protagonists of photos in a found album recalling an (imaginary) holiday they once had. The film weaves these dialogues together playing with how the three entirely separate conversations crossover in terms of content and language. This piece constitutes part of an ongoing research project into the cultural constructedness of personal memory objects. Despite the infinite recodeability of photographs the narratives in this piece diverge. Whilst each couple draw on their individual experience their comments and inferences are remarkably similar. This serves to focus attention on both the ritualistic aspects of holidaying and the specific linguistic script underpinning the performative recall of holidays via photographic triggers.


Trish Scott uses performance, video and installation to intervene in and transform experiences of the everyday. Working site responsively she explores and redefines the material, historical and political dimensions of place, probing the complex interrelationship between objects, habits and values. Her work has been exhibited internationally including at Spora International Biennial of Ephemeral Art (Granada, Spain, 2009), Herring Quest (Siglufjordur, Iceland 2009), BAC! 08 (CCCB, Barcelona, Spain, 2008) as well as solo projects in GAP Gallery, Barcelona, Spain and Pro-Evora, Evora, Portugal. Trish has been awarded residencies in the UK, Iceland, Portugal, Spain and Germany. Trish holds an MA in Fine Art from Camberwell College of Arts London and a BSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics.

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