Amber Ablett

Aural Archive
Interactive voice recordings

Artist Statement

If our identity is constructed through our past and our memories of it, the photo albums that we collect act as evidence of the life we have lived, people we have met, and places we have been. These act as triggers to our memories and document what we have seen. Aural Archive is an album of people’s voices, collected as a tool of rememberence. The phrase “fusion, err, pull, woo, each, joy, dock, whet, young, thou, thaw, vie, ash, home, say, big” uses all of the phonetic sounds in the English language and was originally developed for use with audio recognition software. This on-going project will involve inviting participants and the audience to add their voices to the archive.


Amber Ablett is an artist and curator based in London. Ablett’s work concentrates on the question of our relationship with making the intangible tangible and the dichotomy of using obsessive documentation to describe metaphysical concepts, through text, participatory performance and research based work focusing on the limitations and contrarieties of language and communication. She seeks to involve the viewer in the work, as a co-performer or co-author and to open up the control of the art work to the viewer. She is currently studying an MA in Book Arts at Camberwell College of Art, UAL. Exhibitions and performances include: ICA, London, The Barbican Centre, London, Bearspace, London, BFI London Film Festival and Fringe Arts, Bath, Somerset.

After the exhibit, attendees will be able to find their own voices in the archive here.