Robert Willim

Imaginary Venues [Almost There—Washington Park] [SWEDEN]
Robert Willim (artist & anthropologist)

Almost There [Washington Park] – is an experimental film that presents a surreal account of imagined venues associated with Washington Park area in Chicago. Produced over the course of the Residency, the film gathers imagery and factual material associated with the City of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, in which Washington Park was proposed as the main site for the Olympic arena. While Chicago lost the bid to Rio de Janeiro, the ‘dream’ to host the games is now part of the city’s history. As an artist and anthropologist, Willim builds upon a larger project, Fieldnotes, to understand the extent to which dreamscapes associated with place can enchant a city.

Robert Willim (Sweden), an artist and anthropologist (ethnologist), is an Associate Professor at Lund University in Sweden. His art is positioned in the borderland next to his academic practices as a cultural analyst and ethnographer. He uses his research to spur artistic concepts and to explore the interplay between representation and evocation, as well as art and anthropology.


Visualizing Place through Art and Anthropology
Robert Willim (anthropologist) | Jesse Colin Jackson (artist), Tori Foster
(artist), Lindsay A Bell (anthropologist)
Date: Thursday 21st November 2013
Time: 2-3pm
Short Description: Join in with artists and anthropologists as they share through an open discussion and interactive engagement how they experiment with visualizing communities through film and digital media.

This project is funded in part by Lunds University