From Artists Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer:

In addition to the Ethnographic Terminalia collective and all those who have worked to bring this project to life in the Emmanuel Gallery, we would like to thank the National Science Foundation (Grant #1127246), the Social Sciences Research Institute at Rice University, the American Anthropological Association, CENHS (Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences) and Rice University’s Department of Anthropology for their support. Several people deserve special recognition for the effort and commitments they have shown to this project and we wish to thank them here: Briceidee Torres Cantú, Raul Mena Gallegos, Paul and Carol Liffman, Paty Lemus, Sergio Oceransky, Rachael Peterson, Daniel Rodríguez, Vicente Vásquez and Julia Guadalupe Torres Ventura. Our deepest appreciation goes to Victor Terán for his talent and his wisdom. Finally, none of this work would have been possible if it were not for the hundreds of people who shared their stories with us, from Felipe Calderón to the campesin@s,  pescadores and comunidades of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec who took the time to help us better understand the aeolian politics of the region.

From the Ethnographic Terminalia Collective:

We would like to thank the following institutions and individuals for their support of this exhibition and events: American Anthropological Association, Society for Visual Anthropology, National Science Foundation, University of Texas at Austin, Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS), Rice University, Rice Social Sciences Research Institute, Rice University, Department of Anthropology, Chapman University, Simon Fraser University School of Interactive Arts and Technology; Cymene Howe, Dominic Boyer, Jacquelyn Connelly (former Director of Emmanuel Gallery), Lindsey Housel (Interim Director of Emmanuel Gallery), Victor Terán, Christina Kreps, Ann Stahl, Aaron Glass, Ed Liebow, Ushma Suvarnakar, Jeff Martin, Mary Gray, Oona Schmidt, Rachel Topham, Staff at Emmanuel Gallery, Baird Campbell, Briceidee Torres Cantú, Raul Mena Gallegos, Paul and Carol Liffman, Paty Lemus, Sergio Oceransky, Rachael Peterson, Daniel Rodríguez, Vicente Vásquez, Julia Guadalupe Torres Ventura, Paper Airplane Design Co. LLC (Denver), Noah Manos, Spencer Alred, Graham Eschen

~ Craig Campbell, Kate Hennessy, Fiona P. McDonald, Trudi Lynn Smith, Stephanie Takaragawa