Schine and Crompton

Listening to a Sense of Place
Film & audio

Artist Statement

Using sound as a catalyst and form of ethnography, storytelling, and expression we invite you to listen to the sounds of the Broughton Archipelago, an off-the-grid community along the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Hear the stories of Billy Proctor, a renowned pioneer in the community and understand the importance of historical, contemporary, and environmental listening. This film reveals that our sense of belonging to place is intimately connected to the act of listening to it.


Jennifer Schine is a Masters student in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University and an active sound artist. Her ethnographic work explores the aural and oral heritage of British Columbia’s coastal communities.

Greg Crompton writes, makes video and uses sound in his creations. He began creating narrative fiction films while studying writing at the University of Victoria. Video journalism took Greg to Africa, where he worked as a journalism trainer and documentary filmmaker. Greg is now the creative director and producer of a video production company based in Vancouver.

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