Ian Kirkpatrick

Habitat [UK] 
Ian Kirkpatrick (artist & graphic designer)


Image Credit: Ian Kirkpatrick. Vessel. 2011. Acrylic on cardboard, plastic, wine bags. Image courtesy the artist

This sculptural installation invites visitors to observe artistic practice in situ within a temporary, makeshift studio. Ian Kirkpatrick will create his own ‘habitat’ out of cardboard, inspired by consumer packaging as well as ancient containers such as Greek amphorae and Egyptian sarcophagi. The artist will inhabit the work during the Residency, illuminating it from within with iconography informed via observations within the gallery, research at local museums, and impressions of Chicago at large. This performative installation highlights the engagement of artists with museum anthropology in the creation of new cultural forms.

Ian Kirkpatrick (UK-based) is a Canadian contemporary artist and graphic designer currently based in the UK. His fine art has been exhibited internationally since 2008, including recent shows in London, New York, and Berlin.


Habitat With Ian Kirkpatrick
Date: Monday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, and Friday 21st November 2013
Time: 12-3pm
Short Description: Visit the Arts Incubator during public gallery hours to observe and talk with artist Ian Kirkpatrick as he works within his sculptural structure (a decorated container), a critical reflection on the nature of museum objects and artefacts.