Amanda Belantara

Ears Are Dazzled
Experimental documentary

Artist Statement

Created during a 70-day artist-in-residence period at the Akiyoshidai International Arts Village, Ears Are Dazzled is a collective exploration of sonic experience. Inspired by research addressing the role of sound in everyday life and its applications for gaining a deeper understanding of human experience, the experimental documentary was made in collaboration with locals in Yamaguchi, Japan. I asked them to keep sound diaries in which they recorded sounds that were relevant to their daily experiences. We then recorded the sounds and images together, creating a shared sonic encounter.


Amanda Belantara is a documentary artist who researches ethnographies audio-visually, creating pieces that focus attention on the various images and sounds that emanate from people’s behavior. Her films Lifelibrary and Ears are Dazzled have been screened at festivals and academic conferences around the world. Amanda holds an MA in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester and currently works as research assistant in acoustics at the University of Salford. She is also co-founder of the Manchester based sound and storytelling collective Kinokophone.