Distributed Exhibition

The Distributed Exhibition extends the Audible Observatories show beyond the confines of the gallery.  This experimental supplement expands out to the streets of San Francisco.  Each of the works in the Distributed Exhibition have been placed in publicly accessible locations that resonate with the works themselves.  This project develops a location specificity which carefully layers audio and video works over top everyday experiences of the city.  The expanded scope and range of the distributed exhibition allows us to connect with different audiences, creating possibilities for generating of new art publics.

Mitch Akiyama’s poster at SPUR

The diversity of sites—which includes Yerba Buena Gardens, the GLBTQ Cultural Center, SPUR, Siete Potencias Africanas Gallery, and the Public Library—reflects the diversity of works in our show.  It maps a new layer of possibility over top of San Francisco’s dynamic and multi-layered history.

Our interactive posters. Participants require a smart phone to view or listen to the works in the Audible Observatories distributed exhibition.  The works are streamed to the mobile devices via direct internet connection or via an augmented reality application and location specific software.

How to participate.

Locate the interactive posters using our map.  Once you have located one of the posters you need a smart phone or internet-capable mobile device to access the location specific audio and video works.

Download an example of one of our posters

To view interactive content and experience the art installation use the QR app on your smartphone to scan the tag above or enter the url below into your browser’s address field.


View Ethnographic Terminalia 2012 in a larger map