2012 – Artists

This year, two dozen artists are displaying works and creating installations across three distinct exhibit spaces in the city of San Francisco, CA. Click on any artist’s name in the drop-down menu to the right to read information about the artist and his or her work. All pieces will be on display at Alley Cat Books (from Nov. 13, at 10:00am), SOMArts Gallery (from Nov. 15, at 5:00pm), or as part of a Distributed Exhibition spread across downtown San Francisco and encompassing a series of public installations.

Amber Ablett

Alejandro Acierto

Mitch Akiyama

Kevin Allen

Patricia Alvarez

Justin Armstrong

Alison Ballard

Amanda Belantara

Karin Bolender

Thea Costantino et al.

Rupert Cox and Angus Carlyle

Lina Dib and Abinadi Meza

Steve Feld

Catherine Herrera

Andrew Irving

Jenn Karson

Maryam Kashani

Wolfgang Lehrner

Robert Peterson

Steve Rosenthal

Jennifer Schine and Greg Crompton

Roxanne Varzi

John Wynne