Jordan Tate

© Jordan Tate, 2016

© Jordan Tate, 2016

This workshop presentation will discuss my relationship with the appropriation of images, the anthropology of the image, and the fetishization of interdisciplinary practice. While the commercialization of the photograph (or work of art) is nothing new, there has been a notable shift in photographic practice to one that is more broadly defined, experimental, and analytical of the new capabilities of the medium that is accessible and ripe for “interdisciplinary” discourse. As such, there are a growing number of practitioners who are incorporating these sensitivities with a medium-specific critical engagement to create works and publications as a means of joining this dialogue. As polemics against interdisciplinarity are few and far between, there are often lost checks and balances found in disciplinary work. The premise of this critique will be couched within a metaphor from pop-group TLC which states: don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and lakes that you are used to.

I know that you are going to have it your way or nothing at all, but I think you’re moving too fast.


Jordan Tate (b 1981) is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Cincinnati. Tate, a Fulbright Fellow (2008-2009), has a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies from Miami University and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Indiana University. Tate’s work is currently held in collections nationwide, including Rhizome at the New Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, The Bidwell Projects, the Cincinnati Art Museum, The Columbus Museum of Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Recent exhibitions of his works include: Ditch Projects, Denny Gallery, Angela Meleca Gallery, New Shelter Plan,  PH Gallery (UK), Higher Pictures (NYC), The Photographers Gallery (London, UK), and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland.